Smarter Surfaces

Smarter Surfaces are an Irish company based in Dublin. Founded in 2012 they now employ 22 staff. They are a company that provide a range of smart products, from smart wall paint to smart whiteboard sheets. Mr McDonagh gave a presentation on behalf of the company to all the students and teachers involved in the Erasmus + science project. The company provided some samples of their products for the students to work with. The students first started to coat some small timber boards with smart wall primer paint. These boards were then left to dry and will be coated with smart wall paint in the coming days. Once this paint has dried, these timber boards will act as mini whiteboards, which can be written and drawn on using ordinary whiteboard markers. These will prove a useful learning tool for our students in St. Josephs.

A competition was then held and students were asked to design a new logo for smarter surfaces, using only the smart whiteboard sheets and whiteboard markers. Smart whiteboard sheets are sheets that stick by static electricity to surfaces and can be written and drawn on using whiteboard markers. A number of excellent logos were produced.

The winners of the competition were a group of Italian students. They were presented with a full Smarter Surfaces paint kit by the Irish project coordinator Mr. McDonagh. The kit included primer, paint, a roller and brushes. These students will bring this to their school (IIS Cavazzi in Italy) and can turn the walls of their science lab into smart walls. Thanks to Smarter Surfaces for kindly providing all these material for the students.