Sports Programme

It is an important part of life in St. Joseph’s to become involved in sports and other activities outside the class. Why not approach the following teachers who are organising the following activities:

Activity – Teachers/Parents/Coaches

1st year Gaelic football – Mr. McQuillan / Mr. Corrigan / Mr. Callan
U14 Gaelic football – Mr. Mathews / Mr. McCole
U16 Gaelic football – Mr. Murphy / Mr. MacNamee / Mr. Farrell
U18 Gaelic football – Mr. Vaughan / Mr. Heeney

Junior Hurling – Mr. O Brien / Ms. Bugler
Senior Hurling – Mr. O’Brien / Ms Bugler

U19 Soccer – Mr. Trainor / Mr. McDonagh
U15 Soccer – Mr. Graham

Basketball coordinator – Mr. Graham
1st year basketball – Mr. McGroggan
2nd year basketball – Mr. McGroggan
U16 basketball – Mr. McGroggan
U19 basketball – Mr. McGroggan

Rugby – Ms. O’Rourke 
Athletics – Mr. Stephenson / Ms. Daly
Gym Club – Ms. O’Rourke / Ms. Bugler
Chess (Wednesday lunch times) – Mr. Reilly
Golf – Ms. Moore / Mr. Farrell