St. Joseph’s CBS Whitaker Alumni
Proud of our past, passionate about our future, helping unlock our potential.

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Vision Statement
The Whitaker Alumni Association will be an engaging and mutually beneficial lifetime link between St Joseph’s CBS and its community of past and current pupils.

The aim of the Whitaker Alumni is to build on Dr. TK Whitaker’s example from the past to inspire the future – to humbly and objectively use our individual skills to help the next generation of students achieve their potential, whilst at the same time staying connected to our fellow colleagues who share a rich past as students of St Joseph’s Drogheda.
We aim to facilitate these connections in a manner that is reflective of modern society.
We recognise the importance of education to the development of society in general and to each student who passes through the doors of the school.
We envisage the Alumni contributing proactively to the development of the school.
We believe that retaining a connection with friends and fellow past students during our lifetime can have many positive benefits.

· To connect with fellow past pupils.
· To speak to senior students regarding career advice.
· To facilitate work experience for senior students.
· To support the school in its endeavours to provide extra-curricular activities that will aid the development of students.

The Whitaker Collection and the relaunch of the St. Joseph’s CBS Whitaker Alumni: