Product Design

This year I started a new subject called ‘Product Design’, with Mr. O’Brien. This subject is a new one for me going into transition year. Product design clashes with enterprise at times which I feel is good as you can use the two strengths from each subject to make something useful out of the subject. So far in product design, we have learned to sketch properly, which is a must when it comes to product design as you must be able to accurately draw what you intend to eventually turn into a product, so the more accurate you are the better. We have also looked at things such as different artists abroad taking a different approach to their line of work, which I felt benefitted me hugely as it made me think about designs for various products differently. Overall I am glad that I am able to do product design this year, and I look forward to doing more of this kind of thing in the future.

Thanks to product design, I have been able to find a new interest and is something I would have an interest in when I leave school

By Daragh McHugh