Hot Boxes for sick animals - Ireland

Over the past two months, Mr. McDonaghs Transition Year Science class have been researching, designing and constructing hot boxes for sick animals. It is hoped these boxes will increase the body temperature of any young animal that is unwell. To do this, the box will need to retain the body heat produced from the young animal in the box. By keeping the animal warm it is hoped to speed up the young animal’s recovery. The boxes are made from Eco Slates and Sheep Wool Insulation. Eco Slates are made from recycled plastic, manufactured by the company Athy EcoSlate in Ireland ( The slates are light, unbreakable, fire resistant and durable. The outside of the boxes are covered in sheep wool, produced by the company Sheep Wool Insulation Limited in Ireland ( It is 100% pure wool, which makes it an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. The students have three different types of hot box designed and all three designs will be tested for durability and fitness for purpose once completed.