Culture Week: A celebration of Diversity

A rich vein of nationalities permeates our student population with over thirty countries represented in 1st Year alone. These students who hail from countries such as Nigeria, Latvia, Germany and the Philippines are valued members of our school community and at the end of April (23rd to 27th) we will celebrate their contributions. The week will begin with an inter-faith ceremony for all 1st Years to be attended by representatives from our Board of Management, our Parents Association, our trustees E.R.S.T and our sponsors for the week Drogheda Credit Union. Throughout the week students will engage in various workshops provided by Boomerang Youth Café, Give Racism the Red Card and Create School. Fund raising events taking place will include a World Cup Final for 1st Years, a Basketball play-off, Food Culture Day and a non-uniform day. Student works of art, technology and poetry will be displayed whilst language students will deliver presentations. The week will also celebrate the official launch of the Immersion Project and students travelling to India later in the year will deliver a number of presentations on the nature and purpose of their trip.

Not to be left out our teachers will attend a presentation by Lizzy Noone from Worldwise Schools who will talk about development education. All in all it promises to be a noisy week as we come together to applaud all members of our student body.