It is an important part of life in St. Joseph’s to become involved in sports and other activities outside the class. Why not approach the following teachers who are organising the following activities:

Activity – Teachers/Parents/Coaches

1st year Gaelic football – Mr. McQuillan / Mr. Corrigan / Mr. Callan
U14 Gaelic football – Mr. Mathews / Mr. McCole
U16 Gaelic football – Mr. Murphy / Mr. MacNamee / Mr. Farrell
U18 Gaelic football – Mr. Vaughan / Mr. Heeney

Junior Hurling – Mr. O Brien / Ms. Bugler
Senior Hurling – Mr. O’Brien / Ms Bugler

U19 Soccer – Mr. Trainor / Mr. McDonagh
U15 Soccer – Mr. Graham

Basketball coordinator – Mr. Graham
1st year basketball – Mr. McGroggan
2nd year basketball – Mr. McGroggan
U16 basketball – Mr. McGroggan
U19 basketball – Mr. McGroggan

Rugby – Ms. O’Rourke 
Athletics – Mr. Stephenson / Ms. Daly
Gym Club – Ms. O’Rourke / Ms. Bugler

Chess (Wednesday lunch times) – Mr. Reilly
Performing Arts – Ms. Kirke / Ms. O’Connor / Ms. Murray / Mr. Magee / Ms. Kirwan 
Science Club – Ms. Smith
Green schools – Ms. Conlon
Golf – Ms. Moore / Mr. Farrell 
Breakfast Club – Pamela McCann

Robotics club – Mr. Callan / Mr. Corrigan
Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Ms. Tully
Advocacy – Mr. Connolly 
Erasmus+ – Mr. McDonagh  / Ms. Clinton
Ciorcal Comhrá – Ms. O’Connor
Build a Bank – Ms. McEneaney