School Chaplain

Ms Flood - Our School Chaplain

Ms Flood - Our School Chaplain

A chat at the chaplain’s office happens in a relaxed and private atmosphere. Your confidentiality is respected. You are heard with empathy and the absence of judgmental attitude. No problem is too big or too small. Chaplaincy is not just about problems, it is also about creating an atmosphere where things can happen and personal growth occurs. It is about friendship – bringing people together, breaking down barriers that sometimes separate us, like shyness, insecurity and fear. It is about giving students confidence to discover their real worth and dignity and harnessing human skills and talents, placing them at the service of the wider community. 


Why Meet the Chaplain?

The Chaplain is trained to listen and available. Above all, it is about service and care and helping students to make the most of their opportunities at St. Joseph’s.

If you are :

  • Troubled or just have a question,

  • Bereaved

  • In need of support.

  • A friend needs support?

Contact Ms. Flood to make an appointment.