Your First Year

Life Through the Eyes of a First Year in St. Joseph’s

At first , like with every first experience, life in St. Joseph’s was nerve wrecking. Not too many people I knew were going to the school, which didn’t make my first day any better. Luckily though the teachers were welcoming and made it seem like I had been there for years. There were tons of sports and activities to join and I got all three choice subjects I had requested.

A few weeks passed and I got used to the new daily routine. Getting used to being in different classes was difficult at first, but going to and from different classes is much better than staying in the same room all day. It means that you can make friends easily. Eventually I made loads of new friends and all my original worries were gone, replaced by goals which I hoped to achieve in my first year.

With a bit of study and listening in class, the November exams went well and the work paid off. So everything is going smoothly and in my opinion Secondary school is more enjoyable than Primary.

Anonymous 1F