Italy – 2017

Students who travelled to Italy in March 2017
Ciaran Brennan, Luke Callaghan, Michael Collins, Kenneth Fallon, Peter Finegan, Ben Flanagan, Neil Holdcroft, Jack Kennedy, Robert Kinch, Harry Lipscomb, Ronan O’Gara, Aaron Stone, Cillian Walsh.

Italy – Click to see the travel itinerary

Saturday 4th March
We left the school at 6.30am and went to Dublin airport. We landed in Bologna and went into the city. We got a traditional Italian Pizza and then went on a walking tour of Bologna with a local tour guide. We then went back to the airport where we me the Portuguese and German students. We were picked up by the Italian teachers and travelled by bus to Pavullo, where we were met at the school by our host families.
Kenneth Fallon TY 2

Sunday 5th March
We were brought out by our host families. I was brought to Modena to the Ferrari museum. Other Irish students were brought to Florence and Venice. My host family and I arrived at Modena at 10.30am and walked across town to the museum. As we walked through the town I noticed that there were Ferraris driving on almost every street. I then noticed they were all rented out because of the small sign in the window of the car that told people where you could rent them out for the day. We got to the museum and queued to get in. As soon as we walked through we were put in the middle of a show room full of cars that were both brand new and 20 years old. We then went for lunch and went to look around Modena to see the buildings. Then we went for gelato and headed home.
Aaron Stone TY 2

Monday 6th March
After a very cultural and entertaining weekend with the host families, it was time to get to work in IIS Cavazzi Sorbelli. We were brought in and given a warm welcome in the main hall by the Italian students and teachers and school principal. To begin the day we were broken into groups, which contained Irish, German, Italian and Portuguese students. We were given name tags which had an individual picture depicting elements of scientific characteristics. Our task was to identify what was depicted in each name tag. After that each country presented the work they had carried out to date on the project area in their own country. It was then time for lunch and where students bonded and friendships blossomed. We were then brought to the labs and introduced to various different science experiments. We then took part in a Webinar interview with the minds behind Power Film Solar, which was packed with information and very interesting. At the end of the day we were again challenged as groups in more experiments, which were enjoyed by all. Overall, Monday was a wonderful introduction to the week.
Ciaran Brennan TY 3

Tuesday 7th March
We left Pavullo just after 5.30am to travel to the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, which was just over four hours away by bus. When we reached the Institute we were divided into two groups, Robotics and General Science. I was in the Robotics group. We were taken around the labs and shown the different devices that the Institute created, including an artificial hand, a humanoid robot called ICub and another robot named walkman. After this we had lunch in Genoa and visited the Aquarium. We then got the bus back to Pavullo
Harry Lipscomb TY 1

Wednesday 8th March
To start the day we all met up in the assembly room. We were then put in our assigned groups and given an update on the results from the experiments on Monday. We then started carrying out more experiments using the smart materials. We worked till one o clock and then it was time for pasta. After this we were taken by bus to Montecucolo castle. The castle was the ruling point of the area in the middle ages. We then went into Pavullo and met the mayor, who gave an inspirational speech. It was then time to go back to our host families.
Luke Callaghan TY 1

Thursday 9th March
I woke up at 6.30 am to get ready for school which started at 8. We were going on a hike in the nearby mountains. We were in school from 8 to 9am where we carried out some experiments. We then set off on the bus. The hike lasted about two hours and then we went for lunch in a restaurant neat the mountain. We then explored the area and were back at the school for 3.30pm. We then went for gelato and I went back to my host family
Robert Kinch TY 2

Friday 10th March
We concluded the materials decathlon after completing six more challenging experiments. We were to be told the winners at the farewell dinner, which commenced at 8pm. Dinner was provided by the host parents and we ate food from edible plates. After the dinner they revealed the final scores and we were presented with our certificates. The Italian and Portuguese students played a compilation of photos and videos taken over the course of the Erasmus project.
Neil Holdcroft TY 1

Saturday 11th March
We had to wake up at 5.30am, a tiring end to an amazing week. We arrived at the school at 7.30am to meet the bus. We got the bus from Pavullo to the airport in Bologna. We flew from Bologna to Amsterdam and most of us slept through the flight. We spent some hours in Schipol airport and had our “last supper” as a group, which was a McDonalds. We then flew to Dublin and it was nice to see the grey Irish clouds again. We got a bus from the airport to the school to meet our parents.
Peter Finegan TY 3