2016 Germany

Students who travelled to Germany in 2016:

Alan Connor, Cian Fitzpatrick, Zachary Keller, Anthony Kent, Finn Madden, Ciaran McCann, Cian McKenna, Darren Morgan, Joshua Reilly, Ryan Sands


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Sunday March 6th 2016

After landing in Bremen airport on Saturday evening and an hour and a half of a bus journey to the school in Papenburg, we got a sleep in on Sunday morning. After having the breakfast my host student and I met up with other German and Irish students and went to Leer. We played a game of 5 a side here and afterwards we all went for dinner in a restaurant in Papenburg. After dinner we went for a walk through Papenburg. It was a nice relaxing day and we are looking forward to a good week here in Papenburg.

Alan Connor TY2

Monday March 7th 2016

We arrived at the school at 8.10am, which is 7.10am Irish time. We went to the auditorium and were welcomed to the school by the principal and the German coordinator of the project. We were then divided into groups and given a tour of the school by the German students. After a short break we started the icebreaking activities. We were divided into different groups, and each group had to make a paper boat. The only materials we could use were 3 pieces of A4 paper and a small roll of sellotape and waterproofed by spraying it with a water repellent spray. It was then placed in a container of water and marbles were added. The winner was the boat that could fit the most marbles in it without sinking. The winning boat fitted 232 marbles in it. After lunch we went to the Meyer ship yard in Papenburg. Their new ship, “ovation of the seas”, was completed and due for launch this Friday. We got a tour of the yard and shown how all the components of the ship are made. We then went back to the school and were collected by the host families.

Finn Madden TY2

Tuesday March 8th 2016

We met in the auditorium at 8.10am and students from each country had time to talk to their friends and teachers from their own country before work began for the day.  The day started by each country playing the video presentations that they had recorded before they left for Germany. We had 5 videos, each one focusing on a different area in the project. The videos were very interesting. After this the German teachers put on a science show. A lot of excellent experiments were demonstrated at it. After this we were out into working groups and given new smart materials. These working groups had different materials including Newtonian Fluids, Superabsorbers, Ferrofluids, Hydrophobic Surfaces, Superinsulators, Conductive Paint, Memory Metals, Flourescence, Supercolling and Latent Heat Storage. My group are working with Conductive paint and we have to design and create a prototype for our own science show on Friday morning.

Zach Keller TY1


Wednesday March 9th 2016

We travelled to Bremen by bus, leaving the school at 8.10am. Our first stop was the University of Bremen and Mapex. We were welcomed to the University and told about the work and research that is being carried out there. We were then divided into groups and each group was given a tour of the different labs and the work they are carrying out. This included Precision and optics manufacturing, how to build an airplane out of plastic and Steel: Constructing the future. My group were shown the work using lasers. We then created a poster of what we had learned before going for lunch. After lunch we presented what we had learned in our groups to the other groups.  We then went into Bremen and went on a tour of the city and did some shopping. We were back at the school at 7pm. A group of us then went Jan Malte’s house to watch Chelsea play PSG in the Champions league. A great day was had.

Ciaran McCann TY1


Thursday March 10th 2016

We met in the auditorium at 8.10am and students from each country had time to talk to their friends and teachers from their own country before work began for the day.  At 8.30 we were divided into working groups and started planning the science show, which is to take place tomorrow.  The show will take place in the auditorium tomorrow morning and each group was allocated time to set up their materials and have a practice run in the auditorium. After lunch we visited Von – Velen – Anlage, a historical centre in Papenburg. Here we learned how people from the area lived and what their homes were like. It was very interesting. After the tour we tried a traditional German pancake. The farewell dinner was held that evening in the school. A large selection of food was served which was all really nice. After the meal we watched a video compiled by a Portuguese student of all the photos he had taken since the start of the trip.

Cian Fitzpatrick TY 1


Friday March 11th 2016

We met in the auditorium at 8.10am and like every morning we had a chance to speak to our teachers and fellow students before the day’s work began. Our presentations in the form of a science show by each group took up the morning. It was interesting to watch each groups work and very enjoyable. My group’s presentation was on ferrofluids. Before lunch we were presented with certificates for our time in Germany by the school principal. After lunch we had sport’s activities which were great fun and then it was home to our host families for an early night before we left Papenburg the next morning to travel home. It was a very enjoyable week and a great experience.

Cian McKenna  TY 1