2015 – Portugal

Students who travelled to Portugal in 2015:

Adam Connolly, Dylan Floyd, Aaron Foley, John Holdcroft, Alan McGrane, Evan McGrane, Shane McQuillan, Eoin Reid, Euan Reid and Liam Ryan

Portugal – Click to see the travel itinerary

Sunday March 15th 2015
After landing in Porto late on Saturday night we were brought by bus from Porto to the school in Barcelos . Here we met the host families that we will be staying with for the week. Each student
went with their host families to their houses and got settled in for the week.
Adam Connolly TY 2

Monday March 16th 2015
We arrived at the school at 8.30am and went to the school library where we saw the itinerary for
the week. After this we were divided into groups and carried out ice breaking activities. After break
we presented the work we have carried out so far on the project. After lunch we went to the city
council hall of Barcelos for a welcome reception and we then went on a walking tour of Barcelos.
Aaron Foley TY 2

Tuesday March 17th 2016
While our friends in Ireland enjoyed a day off for St. Patricks day we went to school, although most
of us wore green to symbolise the day. We were divided into groups to work on ideas for smart
materials interacting with light. After this we had a presentation on Bitalino. After lunch we went to
PR Texteis, who produce modern sports wear for Adidas, Nike and others. We then visited another
textile company called Ana Sousa. In the evening we visited the monastery of Vilar de Frades
followed by the European dinner.
Alan McGrane TY 1

Wednesday March 18th 2015
In the morning we continued the group work we had started the previous day on smart materials interacting with light. There are a lot of good ideas in our group. After break we had a presentation from the founder of hello 3D printing world. After lunch we travelled by bus to Braga to the Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) where we got a tour of the labs.
Euan Reid TY 2
Thursday March 19th 2015
In the morning we continued working in our groups. After break we had a presentation from ynvisible which focused on the Internet of Things and printed electronics. After this we went to the open air market and then ate Portuguese food in a restaurant for lunch. We then went to the Instituto Politechnico Do Cavado E Do Ave (IPCA) where we were told about the work and research that is carried out there.
John Holdcroft TY 2

Friday March 20th 2015
In the morning we finished working on our ideas and after break we presented our ideas to the other groups. After lunch we had sports activities and that night we had the farewell dinner in the school and were presented with attendance certificates.
Eoin Reid TY 1